Magic, Thneeds, and Badgers
Why is swelling solution so hard? D:

Stupid heating element.

-sends Melvin back with a note- "Puff, No, no, Fairy Flu is the fairy equivalent of a human cold. It's non-contagious and I'll be okay. Ghost is just making me stay in bed until I get better. ^^ Hope to see you soon. -Moirin

*owl mail is the best mail* I can make some pepperup potion if you need it!

And good, you need to rest!

-a note is waiting from him- "Dear Puff, when you have the chance, drop by and see me. ^^ I would come and visit you, but I got the fairy flu. Miss you and I hope you're having fun at school! -Moirin"

*sends a note back with Melvin* Fairy flu?! I hope it’s not serious!

I’ll come over as soon as I can!


Sorry I didn’t write, guys, second year’s been really busy!

-laughs- Much. You know Mr. Ghost, right? Well... He's not a ghost anymore! He's alive!

….r-really?! *voice is very squeaky*

Hello, Puff! I have good news! -grins-

Even better than Flynn? :D

*he laughs out loud, swinging Puff up into a tight hug, and spinning him around* Man, I've missed you too!

Where’d you go? I kept coming to visit, but you and the Lorax weren’t anywhere!

Hey Puff, my friend! Sorry I was away for so long. How have you been? Holding up okay, buddy?

Eternal! *jumps on* I missed you!

*Scoops Puff up and snuggles him!* Good job!! Such a good boy, you're so focused!

>///< Thanks, Ryio.

-Flynn gurgles and grabs for his finger-